Copywriting training - for individuals and businesses

Copywriting Training Ltd has two complementary training offerings, designed to cover the copywriting training needs of every individual and business:

  • The Copywriting Apprentice – a complete distance learning course covering all aspects of copywriting, with a printed text book, online assignment submissions and quiz-style tests, and telephone tutorials
    This comprehensive and professional course is ideal for people embarking on a career in copywriting.
  • Copywriting Short Courses – a series of short online copywriting courses covering different aspects of copywriting
    These are ideal for people who need to use copywriting skills as part of their job, from small business owners, to marketing staff.

Copywriting Training Ltd is a sister company to Ideas-Right Ltd, with it’s own offerings and websites. This page is an overview of CTL’s services, with links to the appropriate websites.

To see the prospectus and syllabus for all CTL’s copywriting courses, click this PDF download link.

For information about CTL’s copywriting courses, call 02392 503 742, or send an email to Copywriting Training Ltd.


The CopyWriting Apprentice

Considering copywriting as a career?
Enrol with the only dedicated copywriting training company, and join students from accross the globe.

CTL's copywriting short courses

Choose from:
* SEO Copywriting
* Introduction to Copywriting
* Writing Powerful Press Releases
* Blogging for Business