IDEAS-right Ltd – Invoicing Terms and Conditions of Business

1. Payment

I. Unless otherwise agreed, a 50% deposit must be paid before work commences.

II. Unless otherwise agreed, the client will be invoiced on completion of the project, and payment is due on receipt of the invoice.

III. Once your Project has been delivered, you are liable for the full amount of the price.

2. Late Payment

I. IDEAS-right will charge for late payments in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts [Interest] Act 1998.

II. ‘Statutory Interest’ will be charged at each 7-day period after payment was due, and a revised invoice will be sent.

III. A ‘Debt Recovery Cost’, as set out in the 1998 Act, will be added to the second ‘7-day period’ revised invoice.

IV. Client accounts outstanding 30 days after the date of invoice will be put ‘on hold’. No further work will be carried out until full outstanding payment is received.

V. Payments which are overdue by 60 days, will be subject to a claim being made in the Small Claims Court for the outstanding amount including ‘Statutory Interest’, the ‘Debt Recovery Cost’, and all other costs incurred in pursuance of the debt.

3. Staged Payments

I. IDEAS-right Ltd does not and will not operate at any time on a credit basis.

II. IDEAS-right may offer, at its discretion, a ‘deposit plus monthly staged payments’ option. Each staged payment will include a fixed administration fee of £10.

III. Clients who are having difficulty making their monthly staged payments must advise IDEAS-right immediately, in advance of the payment date. The Direct Debit must be restarted and the due payment made within 14 days of the failed payment.

IV. Clients who do not reinstate the Direct Debit and fail to make their monthly payments, will be invoiced for the full outstanding amount plus any interest as outlined in Section 2, which will be due immediately on receipt of the invoice. No further work will be carried out by IDEAS-right until payment is received.

V. IDEAS-right reserves its right to suspend or terminate the client’s website in the event of payment default.

VI. IDEAS-right fully reserves its rights to take whatever action it deems necessary to recover monies outstanding.

4. Cancellation

I. If the Project is cancelled by you for whatever reason, before it is delivered to you, you remain liable for the time expended by IDEAS-right to the date of cancellation at the standard hourly rate.

II. If IDEAS-right is unable, for whatever reason, to complete your Project, you may purchase any unfinished work from IDEAS-right at the standard hourly rate.

5. Client’s Obligations

I. You acknowledge your responsibility to provide the necessary information, images, graphics, and any other material needed to complete your Project. IDEAS-right will not be responsible for any delays to your Project as a result of your failure to provide this information and you will remain liable for all Monthly Staged payments in any event.

II. Revisions or amendments notified after 14 days, additional revisions, extensions to the Project, or complete re-designs/re-writes are charged at IDEAS-right’s standard hourly rate.

6. Ownership

I. On completion of your Project and after your final payment is received, IDEAS-right will transfer ownership to you.

II. If you default in any of your payment obligations, IDEAS-right will retain full ownership of all Rights in relation to your Project. You may not use or copy any part of the Project until full payment is made.

7. Website Hosting Payment

I. Hosting payments after the first year are payable by Direct Debit or annual invoice.

II. IDEAS-right reserves the right to terminate or suspend any website in the event of non-payment of hosting fees.

8. Domain name purchase & management

I. Domain names purchased on a client’s behalf remain the property of IDEAS-right until full payment is received. On receipt of full payment, IDEAS-right will transfer ownership of the domain to the client.

II. Clients purchasing their own domain name or transferring an existing domain must meet any costs charged by the original supplier in the transfer of the domain name.

III. IDEAS-right’s domain management is payable by Direct Debit or annual invoice.

IV. In the event of non-payment of domain management fees, the client’s domain name will not be renewed by IDEAS-right and IDEAS-right will not be held responsible for any subsequent loss of domain names.

(revised 24 Oct 2018)